Why “zoetic”?

About Zoetix

The name of my practice is taken from Greek “zoe,” meaning “life. The word “zoetic” (“pertaining to life; living, vital”) encapsulates my personal philosophy of how therapy can serve an individual.

We are more than a set of symptoms waiting to be fixed. Of course therapists need to pay attention to helping people manage the symptoms of diagnoses such as depression and anxiety. But therapists also need to ask deeper questions about what generates these conditions. There are different models and perspectives which can be useful. Chemical and neurological imbalances may be significant factors. But I will also ask “Why is this happening now?”

Developments in neuroscience are now providing concrete evidence of a basic principle of therapy: that experiences have an impact on us, and prepare us for the life we expect to lead. We are complex beings who exist in relationships, and our life stories are a vital part of who we are today.

To be living zoetically we need a kind of vitality that makes life whole and feeds its deeper meaning: it’s about feelings of connection and belonging, worth and purpose, creativity and love.

When you’re struggling with difficult issues – perhaps feeling tearful or depressed – the idea of achieving this kind of richness and contentment may seem a very long way from where you are now. The decision to engage with therapy can really help. It offers an opportunity to come into relationship with a non-judgemental professional who can support you in reflecting on your situation, and help you to discover what really matters to you and what you would need in order to live zoetically.