What I offer

About Zoetix

Zoetix is a private psychotherapeutic practice working with individuals, couples and groups to explore and understand the challenging issues they face. Clients contact me direct, or may be referred by their GP, psychiatrist, divorce lawyer, or their workplace.

Most clients are self-funding but payment via third parties can also be arranged. Please discuss with me whether your sessions may be covered by your medical insurance.


Zoetix offers psycho-educational workshops to help couples understand the basic dynamics in their relationship. This is not a forum for deep therapeutic work but a way of opening up to what might be happening in your relationship. These workshops work with a maximum of four couples over a number of weeks and are run intermittently. Please enquire about being added to the waiting list.

Group work

Zoetix also offers group programmes on relationships and bereavement, and aftercare support groups. These programmes operate on a “closed group” basis. If you are interested in attending you agree to commit for the duration of the programme – this helps to establish robust boundaries and contributes to the feelings of safety within the group. It also allows for a therapeutic or educational experience to build and deepen. Please contact me for more details.

Psycho-educational talks

I am passionate about demystifying psychotherapy, educating about common diagnoses, and encouraging open discussion of mental health issues. I believe in supporting the understanding of mental health from the grass roots and can offer a range of psycho-educational talks for schools and other organisations.