The right therapist for you?


The number of different professional titles and theoretical approaches within the therapy world can be confusing.  In my experience of working with colleagues from a range of training backgrounds I have concluded that the key factor in successful therapy is the relationship generated between client and therapist. Whilst it is essential that they are qualified, practice ethically and, in accordance with a professional regulatory body, have regular supervision to support them in their work, it is the therapist rather than the particular therapy that makes the difference.

I would recommend you to make contact with a therapist and have an initial discussion about your needs over the phone. If you feel comfortable, arrange to meet with them and see how you experience them. Is this someone you feel a rapport with?

Choosing the right therapist is not only about choosing someone you like:

  • Do you feel heard and understood?
  • Can you can be honest and open with them?
  • Are they someone who will work openly and honestly with you?
  • Do you feel you can develop a trust with them?
  • Will they challenge you when appropriate?
  • Is there anything that feels uncomfortable?

The right therapist for you might be different to the therapist that a friend, a colleague or your partner “clicked” with. Trust your instinct and be prepared to give yourself more than one option. You may want to have telephone conversations with a few therapists and see how you feel.