Getting Started

You don’t need a professional referral to seek therapeutic support for yourself. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch personally by email or phone.

In the course of our first telephone conversation, or our assessment session, we will discuss how long you might expect psychotherapy to last. Or, if necessary, I will tell you if I feel you need additional, or alternative, support to what I can offer you.

If you have had a formal mental health diagnosis from your GP or psychiatrist, you can ask them to make a private referral on your behalf.

This will ensure that important clinical information about your case is passed on to me, and in turn, your doctor can be updated about the general progress of your therapy. (These communications will be treated with the strictest professional confidence.) A cohesive, collaborative clinical approach will maximise the support available to you.

If you hope to have the cost of your therapy covered by medical insurance it might be necessary to ask your GP for a referral. However, always clarify directly with your insurer whether your policy covers you to work with a psychotherapist or counsellor and if certain criteria apply to that funding.

If you are already receiving regular counselling or psychotherapy from another practitioner it is not appropriate to be in a therapeutic relationship with more than one professional at a time. If you want to end your work with the other therapist then you are perfectly within your rights to do so. It would be beneficial to explore with them why you feel this is necessary: you will learn a lot from this process. I will be happy to discuss any of these issues with you.