Psychiatrists and GPs


Whilst based in the UK I spent over eight years working for a private psychiatric hospital that was part of the Priory Hospitals Group.  In my capacity as a psychotherapist I ran group programmes as part of the therapy team, and later as a sessional therapist I worked with couples and individuals referred by psychiatrists in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team.

During my fourteen years of practice I also worked with a number of GP surgeries, taking referrals of individual patients for a range of private psychotherapy support.


My clinical experience is focused on patients with mild to moderate depressive conditions, anxiety and stress, trauma and abuse, bereavement and adjustment disorders. I have worked with hospital inpatients, day patients and outpatients.

Individuals and couples

I work with individuals and am experienced in both short and long-term therapeutic contracts.

I am also a qualified couples therapist and can offer specialised support for clients who wish to address issues within their relationships. In addition I have  found that some diagnoses are best served by working systemically through the couple relationship and am  mindful of this during assessments.

I am proactive in making recommendations for a preferred therapeutic route and will discuss this openly with both the patient and their medical team, as appropriate.

Clients seeing psychotherapists and counsellors are currently unable to claim under Medicare.  However, as a Clinical registrant of Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA), clients insured through Medibank can claim for sessions with me. All other clients would need to be self funding.

Please contact me at Zoetix and I will be  happy to discuss your referral needs and arrange a meeting with your practice, if you wish.