Our first session

Hayes 054

Our first face-to-face meeting will be an assessment session when you can expand on what you want to focus on in therapy and what your goals/objectives are. This will allow us to discuss what might be possible, how long you can commit to the process, and any limitations we need to consider. We may need more than one session to fully get to grips with the complexity of your needs.

This is also an opportunity for you to get some understanding of how I work and get a feel for whether you feel comfortable with me and the process.

From my perspective, this meeting allows me to understand your needs better and assess whether my experience and skills will serve you best. I can discuss with you whether your objectives can be met in the short, medium or longer-term, and if you wish we can agree our therapeutic contract.

If, at this stage, I believe that you need more support and a multi-disciplinary approach is appropriate, I will discuss this in detail with you. My duty of care towards clients is to work in as safe a way as possible and sometimes this means having medical support alongside therapy.

Please allow 1 hour for individual assessment and 1 ½ hours for couple’s assessment.

I do charge for this session. There is no obligation to return if you don’t feel ready, or you decide that the way I work is not for you. You may need time to consider your options.