How I work

Hayes 106

My Integrative style of training means that I am not tied to one particular model of analysis and my work is informed by a tapestry of different schools of thought. This allows a flexible yet tailored approach that gets to the heart of the problem in a way that is meaningful to my clients and supports them in their everyday lives. I work with a variety of therapeutic tools, some of which are creative in nature, so that clients can access difficult material in as safe a way as possible.

My Relational therapeutic approach means that I pay particular attention to the alchemical dynamics a client may manifest in a session. This could be the internal view they have of themselves or an external relationship with others or even that which is generated within the therapeutic relationship itself. The interplay between these perspectives can be a rich source of self- awareness – many clients report that understanding these connections is an extremely valuable piece of learning which they go on to apply repeatedly in their lives.

My approach is to treat the person and not just “the problem.” In this way we can work together and “get to the heart of the matter” and develop healthier management of past, current and future life experiences. Your struggle is unique to you, so the course of your therapeutic progress will be individual to you as well.

First sessions

If you are interested in finding out more then we will usually have an initial telephone conversation, followed by an assessment consultation.

You can take your time to consider your options. If you decide that it would be helpful to continue working with me we will agree a therapeutic contract and meet for regular sessions. No one will pressurise you to do anything you don’t want to; therapy works best for those who are ready to engage with the process.

If at any stage I am unable to meet your needs I will be happy to discuss other treatment options and refer you on as appropriate.