Bereavement and loss

Bereavement Counselling Zoetix Psychotherapy

Endings can take many forms and evoke a sense of grief. Bereavement is different for everyone.

Endings may be the physical death of a loved one or the demise of anything that has been an important part of our lives: the end of a career, a disability which restricts our life, leaving a dearly loved home, or the end of a relationship.

Culturally, Western society doesn’t deal well with endings. Many bereaved clients report feeling very isolated as they struggle to come to terms with their loss. The practical necessities – filling out forms, sorting possessions, getting back to work – seem to take priority over the desire to “stop all the clocks” and process feelings.

  • You may be finding it hard to imagine carrying on with life without betraying or abandoning your loved one. This can feel paralysing.
  • We don’t only grieve for what we’ve lost from our past, but for future experiences that are lost as well.

Bereavement is a serious issue and deserves to be taken seriously.