Appointments at Zoetix Psychotherapy

In the course of our first meeting, or afterwards, you may decide to commit to attending regular sessions. Let me know and we will agree a “therapeutic contract.”

The therapeutic contract

We all need to be realistic about financial resources and I will work openly with you to set up a contract that is sustainable for you. It might mean you need to prioritise certain objectives over others; that will be part of your commitment to your wellbeing.

I will endeavour to offer you sessions at the same time and day of the week on a regular basis. This becomes exclusively your time. Clients say it is helpful for them to be able to plan their weekly commitments around this regular time.


Individuals usually arrange weekly 1 hour sessions. This allows clients to gain traction with the processes that emerge out of therapy. Some may benefit from more frequent sessions but this would be discussed as an option where appropriate.

Couples usually need 1 ½ hour weekly appointments initially, and then 1 hour sessions – depending on how much support the relationship needs.

Expect to attend during the working day, just as you would if you were undergoing treatment from a physiotherapist or a dentist. This is an opportunity to prioritise your emotional and psychological needs for a while, and tend to what is important to you.

Cancellation and non-attendance

Because we agree a space dedicated to you, no other client is offered this slot while your contract is in place. If you do not attend you will be charged for the session (this is common practice and gives value to the process and contract that has been agreed).

I understand that holidays and special events may need to be allowed for: we would need to discuss how we manage these well in advance.

If one partner in a couple doesn’t turn up for couple therapy, in most cases the session would need to be rearranged (and you would be charged for the cancelled session). Alternatively it might be useful to use the appointment time to explore the impact of the absence (the content of this session would be discussed with the absent partner when both parties next attend together.)

Please contact me if you are unable to attend a session.