A first conversation


Taking the first step towards finding support can take a lot of courage. It may mean admitting to yourself that there’s a problem and you need help.

Most people I see are quite shocked to find themselves in therapy, and full of self- recrimination. But once they start the process they say they feel lighter and clearer for sharing their experiences.

Please telephone or email me to arrange a time when we can have a first telephone conversation. There is no charge for this brief first discussion.

The aim of this first conversation is for you to give me an outline of what you are struggling with and for us to discuss whether the way I work might suit your needs. If it’s immediately clear that you would benefit from another form of help then I will make that suggestion.

If I am able to help you then we can discuss what you would like to do next. You may want time to consider your options and that is perfectly understandable. Just contact me again if and when you’re ready.

If you’re happy to explore further, we will arrange a time for a first session.

I do charge a fee for the first assessment session, as this may be the basis for our continuing work. We may need more than one assessment session if the issues are complex, but there will be no pressure to commit to ongoing work if you don’t want to.